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Behind the scenes - running a business and working a full time job

The busy season for JEM's Bar Co. has arrived and we have had the pleasure of being a part of some incredible events. Co-founder Jamie shares his thoughts on what it's like to run a business in the summer season alongside working a full time job.

Running a business alongside a regular 9-to-5 is probably as busy as you would imagine. There’s no more hectic a time than when the sun comes out (or is supposed to, anyway!) and the temperature rises in the summer months, as long-awaited weddings finally come to fruition, birthday celebrations take centre stage, and the constant clink of ice against glass accompanies sunset conversations. For Em and I, this busy period is what we thrive on, because we get to set our bar up at so many unique locations, make cocktails with incredible people, and serve our alcoholic concoctions to the friendliest of strangers.
Since April we have had at least one booking each week, with many weekends seeing our team split off to run several events at the same time across the South East! Em and I are extremely proud to have accomplished all that we have done so far and are very grateful to the wonderful team members who have joined us out and about this season so far.
Both Em and I work full time roles Monday-Friday with JEM's Bar Co. filling up our evenings and weekends with tasks varying from responding to our lovely customers’ emails/social media messages, working out the logistics of upcoming events and then running said events! Often Em only takes a 15 minute break after work before she’s designing a custom menu, or putting together a social post to go out the next day. I’m very lucky to be in business with such a dedicated individual, who’s hard work only inspires me to do better than my best.
The busy season reminds me of two quotes, the first from renowned bartender and author, Gary ‘Gaz’ Regan - “if bartending isn’t in their hearts, they won’t do a good job”. After working a forty hour week, it’s not uncommon for Em and I to spend a Saturday shaking and serving over 300 cocktails, so it’s safe to say we definitely have bartending in our hearts!
This Summer has given us lots to think about and look back on, and we want to say thank you to everyone who’s hired our bar, learned how to make a cocktail, ordered a kit, or even just liked one of our posts! The second quote that comes to mind is from the novelist Henry David Thoreau, who said - “success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”. So, here’s to being busy - cheers!


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