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Charity staff get muddling mocktails for #LearningAtWorkWeek!

Updated: May 19, 2023

Our co-founder Em had the pleasure of running a mocktail masterclass for staff at Demelza Hospice Care For Children as part of 'learning at work week', where colleagues are encouraged to share new skills with one another. Across the organisation, sessions were run on being mindful, makaton, IT skills and of course...mocktails!

Alongside running this business with Jamie (the J in JEM’s!), Em works full time for Demelza as part of their marketing team, and this week wanted to bring a bit of JEM’s Bar Co. to the Kent site, giving staff chance to step away from their desks for 20 minutes and muddle a non-alcoholic Nojito!

Em said of the masterclass "Demelza does incredible work supporting children with serious or life-limiting conditions. The staff all work so hard day in, day out to provide extraordinary care and so, when the opportunity came up to share hidden skills or talents for 'learning at work week' I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for some of my colleagues to take 20 minutes away from their desk, learning how to make a refreshing non-alcoholic drink and gain an insight into my life outside of working there! It is also quite fitting that this week is also #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, and this class encouraged staff to get away from their desks, chat with colleagues from different departments and have fun making a mocktail!"

Staff learnt about bar equipment and techniques before trying their hand at making their very own mocktails, which were enjoyed very quickly! A member from the team at Demelza said "This was so much fun! Thank you for sharing your skills with us".

We're delighted to have formed this partnership with Demelza, which started with a fundraiser run by JEM's Bar Co. at Christmas, and look forward to continuing to work together over the coming months.
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