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Pop, Clink, Fizz!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Our brand new website has dropped and to commemorate the occasion we thought we would drop 3 fun facts about the ultimate celebratory tipple!

1. The Romans may have enjoyed Prosecco, but it wasn’t until the 19th century when Antonio Carpenè, Founder of the Carpenè Malvolti winery – subjected the still white wine to a second fermentation that Prosecco acquired it’s now lasting association with bubbles!

2. Prosecco is best served in a tulip style sparkling wine glass and served cold. The height and slenderness of the tulip glass is said to help preserve the bubbles, and the bulb at the top helps collect more of the floral aromas coming from the wine

3. A cork can reach up to 25 MPH when flying off a bottle, so look out!

3 cheers!

So the next time you pop open a bottle of your favourite Prosecco, bear our 3 fun facts in mind!

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